Control and Prevention of Toxic Algal Blooms

Water is the source of life. It is also one of the main reasons for international disputes and armed conflicts around the world. With growing populations, water is becoming a scarce resource while industrial development diminishes water’s availability and quality. At the same time, naturally occurring harmful algal blooms pose a serious threat, turning lakes and other bodies of water into green sludge unfit for consumption or use.

For more than a decade, H202and CuSO4 have become the “golden standard” for treating small-scale cyanobacterial blooms. Attempts to apply them over large bodies of water have proven unsuccessful primarily due to technical limitations and high cost.

BlueGreen’s Lake Guard™ was designed to overcome these limitations, allowing the same compounds, for the first time, to be applied fast and easily at a fraction of the current operational cost and irrespective of the size of the waterbody.